Monday, September 28, 2009

changing plans for the day

Week two of the holidays and I had an appointment with the dentist - to have another look at that tooth that broke around my still hurts when I eat or the right side of my mouth. I changed my appointment as I have the beginnings of a cold......nothing like being a sneeze-head and struggling with the whole breathing thing (although not so severe now) and having work done in your mouth.....

Considering I have a little time to myself, I haven't dressed yet - such bliss.....and I have just about finished writing up 2 exams. I have one more to go! Then I have the CDs to go.

Did I tell you that I am on Facebook? I have become addicted to the farming application here......I have this thing about seeding fields and yielding the harvest - even if it is only virtual.

My thoughts today are with my sister who is having chemo for breast cancer. Just sending out my love to her! If you can send her love that will be awesome!


Laura Jane said...

I will seek you on FB - I did a few weeks/months ago, but you may be new.

Big hugs to your sister, and warm positive vibes. You know the ones. I hope it goes well.

Bayjb said...

I love Facebook. So much fun to see old friends. Sending positive thoughts to your sister. Hope it all goes well