Sunday, June 28, 2009

quick catch up

I haven't posted for a while. It has been quite busy in my world.

Work stuff - lots of it. Highlights - 2 year 12 performance nights. Junior concert. Attending the drama night. Chant off (which one of my form groups won!) Lowlights - dealing with an inept person or two, picking up the pieces of people who go on leave without outlining what they need to do.

Family - seeing my sister off to an overseas adventure. Catching up with other family through lots of calls etc.

Socially - out and about for fun.

Frogdancer mentioned in one of her posts that I had a birthday and it came for free for all my guests.........I'm still sorting that one out.

My birthday was a couple of Thursdays ago and I had a lovely dinner cooked for me. Fabulous!

Friday night I went out with some lovely women, including the Dancer, to a Korean restaurant. Food is always lovely there. We ordered way too much food - as you do. I was enjoying bbq beef and suddenly heard a crack and felt a crunch in my mouth. I tentatively put my finger in my mouth to discover one very large bone shard. One of the women saw my distressed face and asked me if I was ok. I said I thought I had cracked a tooth. A moment later I took the piece of tooth out my mouth.

Frogdancer called a waitress over and I outlined the story. She got the manager. He has offered to pay for the tooth work through his business insurance. I'm seeing the dentist on Tuesday and then follow it up with him after that. I will keep you all posted on what is going on with that.

I have taken very strong actions towards fixing my core muscles after that ridiculous trip I had last school holidays. I am having one-on-one pilates classes with a physiotherapist. Amazing how much better it is to do this rather than attending a class with a group of people. I have been taught how to do so much so quickly.

We set some goals last week - interesting. My goal is to be able to stand from sitting/lying down without compensating. I also would like to turn in bed without having to wake up to do so. Simple things really.

Her goals were a little more technical than mine.

I also have another goal - to stand comfortably on one leg - especially my right leg. It's amazing how quickly you can lose control over things like this. It's also very scary.

Not an exciting post I know but I am tired from the end of term. I am stoked to be on holidays for the next two weeks.


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Bayjb said...

Glad to hear all is well! Looking forward to hearing more about what you're up to