Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Gees - look at the time!  It's 6pm and I'm still here at work.........mad, I tell you.  Mad!

More children performing for me and I can hardly wait.  

I had my dinner - a famous chicken company supplied me with my dinner.  Something to do with peri-peri sauce.  Yummy!  Probably TOO high in salt and fat but Meh!  

I have been trying very hard to get some work corrected for the year 12 classes but that hasn't happened at all!  What is going on?  Since I have finished my reports I can't be bothered with ANY OTHER CORRECTION!

I have realised that I am using this post for a complete whinge so I think I might really have a go!

what has annoyed me in the past little while.....
  • people who don't stop talking about themselves......(oh, that could be me at the moment!)
  • people who text, talk or anything with their mobiles WHILE they are in charge of a motor vehicle.
  • people who can't cover their nose or mouth when they sneeze.  Gees there is a piggy disease out there and we have government ads here people telling us to cover the nose and mouth!
  • people complaining about the number of reports they had to do (again - this is me I am talking about....amongst others)
  • the media totally hyping up the news.  
  • children who don't work.
  • people who can't tell the truth!
  • those that have NO sense of humour.  Lighten up!
  • Year 8 chant-off!  Well actually I don't mind parts of it.  I have 2 groups that are good, one that is ok and 1 that is totally NON-existent.  Proves interesting.
  • anal-retentiveness.
  • having no time for a real social life (this really shits me! I didn't work this many hours at other schools but I worked hard and did well.....)
  • laziness amongst others that you would expect more from.
  • long nights at school (back to the same point two above)
  • nothing decent on tv when I want to watch- must get myself a time shifter for the tv.
That's it at the moment.  I have more to come I am sure!  But now the children are here and I must engage.


Vanessa said...

This is a great list of rants. I'll stay tuned for more. :)

Anonymous said...

Popped in to wish you a happy birthday and say I hope your tooh feels better soon. Hope to read the full and whole story here soon :)