Saturday, January 1, 2011

a story for the year

Once upon a time there was a woman who found herself on the first day of a new decade a little lost. She went to the beach and contemplated a few things.

First she thought of how alone she was. This was due to the fact that she went to a party last night and there were many couples around. It was also a reflection on the fact that she looked around her and saw nothing but couples on the beach.

Then she started to think how things had lined up the way she had hoped they would. No life partner, no house....actually the feeling of no real security.

Following this passing thought she realised that she wanted things to happen now! Not in a few months time but now! She was sick of waiting.

Then she remembered to breath. As she breathed she focused on the waves and the clouds. She started to think how things really aren't as bad as she thought they were. She remembered that last night she danced up a storm with a group of people who told her that her attitude was impressive. She remembered how there was a tall, dark handsome man who made her feel lovely. Then she remembered how much fun she had all together.

Another thought that then ran through her head was the fact that she hasn't quite worked out how to get from making polite but flirty conversation with a tall attractive man, to getting his phone number (or giving hers) and taking the next step.

Breathing again she worked through the whole thing and reflected on the fact that it was fear that was holding her back. This made her think about how fearless she had been in her life and on something so intimate she was scared shitless.

She got up and strolled back to her home with a two thoughts running through her head. Patience and overcoming fear. That was what her new years thoughts led to......Overcome her fear of the intimate and develop some patience to allow it to happen.


Frogdancer said...

I spent new years at some friends for dinner, then home alone. It seemed fitting.

widget said...

dinner with friends is always good. I haven't quite got my head around spending time with's a little confronting......

Joh said...

Happy New Year Widget! I'm really enjoying your courageous writing and reflection. I wish all the best for you for the new year.