Thursday, December 30, 2010

Settling in......

You have to laugh really. Here I was concerned about the unit and how I would get along in it.

Today the owner came to fix the windows. he started at 11.30 and left around 5pm. He was scraping the old stuff out of the frames, then he filled them up again. He scraped down the edges of the windows and made them fit. In his scraping and sanding and filling, he discovered that the windows needed a lot more work than he anticipated! But we talked amiably about Jazz music and he helped me get the dvd connected to the stereo I can listen to the artists that he was thinking I should listen to! In amongst all of this he cleaned the upstairs windows! It is startlingly bright up there now!

He patched the holes in the floor. It took him a while work out how to fill the big hole but he sorted that out. He was so impressed with the way that he had filled in the hole, he had to show me and tell me about the process. He was so excited. It was cute.

I made coffee and we talked of the coffee culture that has developed in the time he has lived here in Melbourne. I made tea (white tea) and we talked about the different sorts of teas that you can get. When I asked if he wanted tea, he replied "yes, white tea" which then led me to ask if that was black tea with milk or actual white tea? It was incredibly confusing. I think he wanted black tea with milk but decided to try the white tea. He decided that it didn't have much of a taste and he might avoid it in the future.

He heard the boys (likely lads) using the pool and then heard one of the other residents go off like a banshee at them for them to leave. It was an entertaining moment. I asked him if he had heard the commotion and he replied that he had. I told him they were the boys who decided to use the pool...."ah! Free pool for dropkick kids! Lovely."

I was entertained by the lady going off. She has young kids and they wanted to use the pool but felt a bit intimidated the lads......she was fabulous. I felt like going out and cheering her on but thought better of it as I have made the decision to ignore the pool. I was on the phone to a friend of mine when the lady went off, and she heard it on the other end of the phone! My friend asked me if I have or will use the pool. Probably not is my thoughts. Why would I use a pool when the beach is so close and the water doesn't look the cleanest that I have seen.

I am now sitting contentedly on my couch about to cook dinner for myself and have an early night in a room where the windows actually seal up and the air doesn't come through. I might not hear the trains going past! It is my first night home in days and I am so looking forward to having time at home!

This morning I went for a walk on the beach. 30 minutes and I managed a km up the beach and back again.

What was I so concerned about?

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