Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I have made an early New Years' Resolution.....but I wont be telling anyone the exact wording of it. It is more about me getting things happening.

Leaving that aside for the time being, I have been rather busy doing nothing these last few days. I think I am just getting the hang of doing not much, and I believe it suits me well.

To try and unwind I decided to do a jigsaw puzzle that I have had in the house for a few years. 500 pieces that I thought that it might just last me to the end of the year.

I started Monday and finished yesterday. It was a great picture of dolphins, fish and other sea critters swimming in a beautiful blue ocean with a vibrant yellow sky. The shape of the pieces was the tricky bit, but the fact that there was only one of each fish underwater made it easy.

Each evening I have made sure that I am out. Monday night I went to see 'Heartbreaker', a great film which I didn't register was going to be in French when I decided to go. It was a surprise when the movie started as a this gorgeous French language came out at me. 30 seconds later and I settled in for watching a very entertaining film with subtitles.

Last night I went out for great Malaysian dinner with a group of people that I don't really know and had a great time.

Tonight, jazz in the inner city.

Holidays are great!

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