Monday, December 20, 2010

New beginnings......

Wednesday night I went to a charity thing with MAD woman. (MAD = Making A Difference) We wrapped presents for kids and families. It was quite good and I had a great time. The woman who set this up also runs singles nights, Cooking for a Cause. I am thinking of one of those nights at the end of Jan.

Why was wrapping the presents good? Networking with other like-minded people. None of us really knew many of the others there but we were all there to have a time of it helping out a charity group make Christmas good for others. There is the whole thing of endorphins rising when you help others. Makes you feel good. the other thing that was interesting for me was the fact that I went out with no real idea of doing more than wrapping presents. I said 'hi' to a guy as I walked past him, and then he came over and talked to me for over an hour. Nothing more than that, but there were other women at the table and he pretty much ignored them. I have never really noticed that I had this 'pulling' power before.....although I wouldn't say that it was really 'pulling' power. It was really lovely to have someone just want to talk to me.

I chatted to Frogdancer about this the next day and her reply was "why wouldn't he?". That made me think..... (I have been doing a lot of that lately) and I was surprised that I didn't realise that I am an interesting person. It's a whole new thing really for me, thinking of myself as a desirable, interesting person.

Nothing has happened with the guy I met at the wrapping thing. We said goodnight to each other and that we hoped to see each other at the cooking for a cause thing.

Friday night I went to a social group function in the city. I spied a guy that i was sure had been at the wrapping thing, so I ventured over and asked him. Sure enough he had been. We sat and talked for a few hours. Again he seemed uninterested in speaking to anyone else. If we were spoken to by someone else he was polite but then resumed our conversation.

In my head I have the words of my sister in my head. "Remember that each person has their tale to tell and it is important to listen to their story."

I have been so consumed in navel gazing that I have forgotten that other people are on their own journey. There are some fascinating tales that I have been told, and once you start to listen you get more of a complete picture of the person.

The weirdest thing that has occurred in the last few days happened Sunday night. I went with some friends to Carols by Candlelight that were run by a local council. It was torrential rain and the event was cancelled - not until we got absolutely drenched through! I might appear online for the council as there was a photographer who was taking pics and we were sitting there on our own in a LOT OF WET WEATHER GEAR that was doing very little. We decided that we needed to do something to warm ourselves so we went to the local cheap pizzeria.

I arrived ahead of my mates and one of the waiters came up to me and spoke to me like he knew me and then gave me a kiss and a hug! Now, I have been to this restaurant a few times and the waiter is always friendly but NEVER touchy-feely. He is quite nice on the eye, but I don't know his name, he doesn't know mine, yet there was a moment there where it got just a little awkward.

So 6 days, and 3 times I have been made to feel like I am an interesting, desirable woman. I like this....just have to work on getting phone numbers etc and moving on just that little bit further.

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