Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hurry Up!

Slowly, slowly. That's how you settle into a place. Unfortunately it is more like "hurry up and be done already" in my mind.

I lived in the last place for over 6 years - close to 7. It was a lovely place to live and I loved it. My plans had been to move from there into my own place. Somewhere I could look around and say "this is mine". This was not the way the world had it lined up for me. A phone call from the real estate agent and I was needing to find new accommodation.

To say that I hit the panic button is an understatement. I ran full pelt into it. And when I panic, my whole body goes into meltdown. I don't eat and then when I try to eat I can't take in carbohydrates or milk based products. That wipes out most things available. Eating becomes a painful process, which leads to headaches etc. I was in a spiral and things only became worse as the time went on. Thanks to my sister and some ideas she had for getting nutrients into me, I have started eating again.

I moved into this unit because there was something about it I liked. But once I was in I was seeing fault everywhere. The big things I have let the real estate agent know about and the landlords came to visit yesterday to check out the things themselves. I feel a little calmer having met the couple. They are an older couple who are planning on retiring here so they want the property to be in the best condition. As a result they looked at everything quite seriously.

My major concern about the windows (don't quite shut properly and no fly screens) will probably be fixed in the next month, taking into consideration the time off at Christmas and New Year. The downlights will be checked out when the electrician gets here!!! The oven doesn't have a seal - that will be rectified this week I believe.

Actually, the oven was the silliest thing that I experienced....I was frightened to use it. It uses gas and I hadn't used gas in 7 years and so was feeling very scared to light the thing! I lit it yesterday and it didn't blow up! I am still here.

Friends came over yesterday and helped me change the blinds upstairs in my bedroom. Well when I say they helped me.....I purchased new blinds and the male of the couple changed them over for me! There was a bit of too-ing and fro-ing as he took the white matchstick blinds from my bedroom and placed one of them in the kitchen. This replaced the two RED matchstick blinds in the kitchen. My kitchen looked like a brothel in the morning due to the hue from the curtains, it was a little depressing.....

Last night my bedroom was really dark and I slept quite soundly. I woke up a few times during the night - but I think that is more habit than anything else.

He is a cheeky sod. While we were out purchasing the blinds he found a few other things to do. He moved the outside blind that I had put up, up just a little higher so that the sun can't get in the window, he cleaned up the front gate lock so that it acts the way it is meant to. It clicks shut by itself without needing to have the handle lifted. It was lovely to come home and find these things done.

In relation to the boys going past to use the pool, we put screening up so that I can't really see them. The only thing I can see them through is the gate, and that is a fleeting moment. But it has been really quite cool here and the boys haven't been here. Yes, it is illegal what they are doing (when they use the pool) but I am going to keep my head down and ignore them. I know that the others will probably deal with them. I have decided that I am going to develop a sanctuary out in my backyard and spend some time just sitting out there and reading, sleeping or whatever.

I realised last night how tired I am. I knew I was getting a bit tired by the end of the year -but it was only when I stopped and had a drink with my friends yesterday, that I realised I was exhausted! Thank goodness for 6 weeks off!

One thing that this move has made me realise is the fact that I was too comfortable living the way I had been. I would come home and plop. Nothing wrong with that - except that it doesn't help when you want to find a soul mate to spend your life with.

Next year, well actually from now, I am working on me. Finding me, preening me and then sending me out to socialise and find that soul mate. The journey will be interesting and will be the source of my blogging.

I am also going on the journey of finding my OWN home. Somewhere that I can say "this is mine". This will also be the source of a blog or two.

It's a big year really house, love and my travel to the Mediterranean.

I am looking forward to it!

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