Saturday, March 6, 2010

letting it out.

I had a great nights sleep last night. I think it might have a great deal to do with the fact that I don't have to go to work for 3 days. Imagine that, Monday is a public holiday. I am so looking forward to it.

The rest of the week proved to be just plain annoying in terms of security in my area of the workplace. (and then there were other things that were just plain annoying)

Wednesday morning - break in and burglary....where they took the office computer and the external hard drive. This was annoying in a number of ways.

Thursday morning - am informed that the front door to our centre was unlocked. We state that we had locked the place up the night before, and that the cleaner was, as far as we know, the last person to lock the place. This is a mystery.....and it's proving to be a thorn.

Friday morning - find out that the side door was open and swinging wide open all night which caused the alarms to go off. I was certain that we had locked it after the chairs were taken out/put back for General Assembly the day before. Apparently no. They probably weren't bolted properly and this has caused a huge issue.

Last night, as I was about to leave, I checked EVERY window in that place and EVERY door. We have 12 windows and 3 external doors. There are also 2 doors that are behind another set of unused glass doors. The glass doors lead to the corridor that no longer exists due to building works. The two external doors are from the old corridor - where the kids used to come into school. The other day we noticed that the unused doors were unbolted. Last night I checked them as well.

I then made sure all internal doors were locked. 11 of them. All up this takes a good 5 minutes. I just hope that NOTHING was opened last night. I really don't want to hear because this time, I checked the lot. If I hear that means it is not an oversight on our account but that someone has decided we are a soft target and they are aiming at us right now.

I will be pleased when the new doors, locks, bars on windows and other new security measures are put into place in the centre....It will mean that we don't have to keep locking away the computer each night in another, more secure part of the building. That more secure part being an area that can't be seen from the outside....

Another frustrating thing that came up this week - and has done so for the past couple of weeks, is the fact that my senior class have been taught so many wrong things last year! They were taught by someone who has since left. The information is factually quite wrong. I am trying very hard not to undermine this particular person but it proves difficult when the kids in front of you state that the other teacher told them .......

One mis-information you can overlook, but I am up to 4! And all of this is not difficult stuff. At first I just thought that they were being impish and trying to get a reaction. I asked one of them to explain the basis for the theory....she could AND seemed to believe it. It was heartbreaking to see/hear that what they knew was wrong and they would have to relearn information.

Then losing rehearsal time to other activities. I understand that things go on - but there is an expectation that our ensembles will perform at functions. It is incredibly hard for this to happen when other things either move you from the venue and you are uninformed (as happened for my choir rehearsal on Wednesday), or kids are expected to be elsewhere - Monday night rehearsals for the past 2 weeks with SACS and excursions.

On a positive note - my classes (except the misinformed senior class) are going really well. There are just a few behavioural things that go on still - but they are sorting themselves out fairly quickly as the kids want to play. I like all my kids that I teach. I am incredibly lucky to have such a great group of kids. They make the job worthwhile.

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Frogdancer said...

I'll just bet that the Frogdancer kids are your favourites!!!

(I'll have to grab some music from you to photocopy for David2's walls...)