Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blues brothers!

I am sitting watching Blues Brother 2000 - having just come home from a massage.

It has a very flimsy story - if indeed it can be called that. But on reflection the original Blues Brother was much the same.

The music is, as per the original, fantastic. At the moment we are at the battle of the Bands and the first band to play is one led by Eric Clapton and a cast of thousand blues artists. Wow!

The only other thing that I have to report is the car chases and crashes are no where near as good as the original.......

Maybe I will just listen and not watch.....

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Frances said...

The sound of The Blues Brothers movie being played always brings back memories of my children's no school days. It was played incessantly.

I'm pretty sure I can recite word for word the entire dialogue of the movie.