Tuesday, December 1, 2009

twiddling the fingers!

I am very excited....I have finally handed in all my reports - 200 of the buggers. Writing them this semester was really quite difficult. My interns didn't leave me the best of marks - but I was able to do a fair bit with them. I blame the supervisor. Oh that's right....that's me!

I also had to rely on a few others for marks.

This leads me to an interesting scene....I asked my department leader for some marks for the kids. I got them, and let me tell you he is one generous marker! One kid had this quote "Can't remember this one".

"Hmmm" thinks I. You have had these kids for a semester......how do you not know who they are? Especially if there are only 15 in the class with you?

I looked at my results and then I looked at what the kids had been given. My favourite kid in this group we share - I had given a 9.5 for most things, he 6! A kid who does absolutely NOTHING - I had to prise an assignment from their well lacquered fingers, He gave a 9 to and I - a mere 6......(These marks are out of 10!)

But it does not matter!!!!!!! We both have different opinions of the kids and they work differently for different teachers.....

There was nothing like the euphoria I felt as I shredded the paper proof-reading copies after electronic submission......having had the report master standing over me as I handed the reports in at the due time.......He was pushing people to hand their reports in and started to push me. I pushed back as I had so many of the buggers and had to fit in the proof reading etc with my buddy during a complete day of teaching. Grr! Thought to myself "Back of bitch" but I was quite polite. I got through it all - 6 periods out of 6 of teaching and working through lunch!

Tonight is the first night in about 3 weeks when I have nothing to do marking wise (external exam marking or my own reports!) I am not sure what I will do.....I know finish the sock for Frogdancer.......

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Bayjb said...

Congrats on turning it in! I hope you enjoyed your quiet night :)