Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a class I WILL miss a great deal!

I haven't seen a few of my classes for a few weeks - various reasons. Marking meetings - actual marking and then other school organised functions (school camps, history day and a few interviews). In amongst all of this I have been teaching by correspondence. A teacher walks in and explains what has to be done and they then, hopefully, do it!

About 3 weeks ago I left an exercise for my Year 8 class on a Wednesday and it was to compose a piece of music. All instructions were there. A due date was left and the kids said "No!" to the teacher and then renegotiated the date. Their reasoning was that they were on camp the next week and then they had their history day so they wouldn't be able to hand the work in as requested. As a group they decided that today (December 2) was a better day. The teacher agreed and wrote the new date down for my records.

One bright spark then thought through the whole date and time - "isn't that after the reports are done?" The teacher replied that it wasn't. As he is a level coordinator for the year above theirs, they think he has more authority than a regular teacher......he convinced them that the marks would be counted. He also informed them that I would be able to mark the work and have it on the report in an hour. His compromise was that the reports were due in on the date they had selected. Apparently the kids think I am a marking guru.....well some know the truth!

I laughed when I was told and thought nothing more of it.

Today I arrived in class prepared to do something or other which wasn't work related. I thought I might be babysitting the kidlets.......I had thought of some silly music games but not much more!

A few asked me about the work that they needed to hand in. I decided it would be good to go with it. I got them to get their work out and continue on and then hand it in.

By the end of the lesson I had all 24 of their compositions and about the same in Listening Journals. May I remind you that the reports were submitted yesterday!

Tomorrow afternoon will be opening the books and having a quick read then placing a stamp in the book. I think they will be happy.....I'm not sure if I will be. Oh well.

A couple of kids in the class asked me as they had now officially finished all their work and the reports were due in after school could they do something 'fun'. I asked for a definition of 'fun' and they had no idea what that meant.......I am thinking....I don't want to watch a bloody dvd! I am thinking karaoke.....what do you all think?

I will miss this group of kids - they are hilarious. One kid sat for period 5 & 6 with a home made ancient helmet on. He handed in his work with the words "here is something that I have completed for you madam but I am unable to decipher what I have is too modern for me". As he entered the room he called me his lady. The kid is just on 5 foot tall, cute as anything and has the most amazing personality ever!

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