Sunday, November 22, 2009

more quotes n stuff

A few interesting spellings for you all which I have got from the exams.....(correct spelling will be in brackets)

Chellow (cello)
Motztart (Mozart)
exzylophone (xylophone)
Sabalius (Sibelius)
Siriel (serial)
Sticcato (staccato)
Synfony (Symphony)

A factual point raised - Cole Porter was singing on a recording made a good 20 years or so after his death! Pretty impressive if you ask me.

And a couple of quotes:

"the start is really strong and powerful. The end is like bang it's over"

"And it changes to major which is a sign in classical music that the piece is about to end".

Only 35 more to go and then I can get onto the reports.....200 of them!



Frogdancer said...

Synfony is my favourite.

Anonymous said...

Those kids! They're like, just, so articulate!

Anonymous said...

I *know* people who pronounce it 'synfony'. It takes a lot to not correct them in their speech!