Wednesday, December 23, 2009

every intention

I am sitting here attempting to do my Christmas cards......two days before Christmas when we have a 5 hour stop work meeting of postal workers going on.....I do believe in miracles........

Anyhow - sitting here doing my Christmas cards and it occured to me that my address book is woefully out of date.......both the paper and the electronic versions. Some people have no address attached to their name at all. I have been to their house and all but I have no written record of their abode.

So I attacked that first part of the issue - online searching. Found a fair few addresses........which I have put down on my list of 13 Christmas card recipients. (most of the others who I work with or see will get there card/present face to face).

Next issue that arose......I have no record of their child/rens names........omg! This is a significant issue. How do you address the card to someone - you know their partners name but the kids? No idea!

I was walking with a friend along the beach and stated that I hadn't done my cards......she called me slack.........

No - I am not slack about the cards - just the vital bits of information that help get the cards filled and sent to the right place.

New Years resolution.....only one I will make.........ring said people in address book and fill in the details as I talk to them. I won't make it obvious. I will be quite subtle.....(like a sledgehammer in some cases).

January looks like a time of phonecalls to lots of people that I haven't talked to in a few months - nay, a year or two.......(holding her head in shame).

As for the cards - I'm over them! The intention was there but it wont happen this year......


Bayjb said...

don't beat yourself up about the cards. Best laid plans can go awry. I did mine late this year too. They barely got out.

Anonymous said...

I always write: "To X, Y and family" if I can't remember their childrens' names!
Hope you had a great Christmas Widge.