Tuesday, December 22, 2009

things that amuse

I am at my desk in the office space in my home. I am cleaning the office space.........FINALLY, I got off the couch.

Actually I got off the couch yesterday. I went shopping and discovered a few things in the world that amused.

First (although it was the last thing I did on my shopping trip) I discovered a great new plant nursery. It is really, really cheap and to top things off - I got 4 free tomato plants for the the $50 that I spent. I gave two to my neighbours as they are lovely people and will be keeping an eye on my place when I do a little sight seeing around Victoria.

I wandered through a local shopping centre - a small one near me. Coming my way was a very, very scary man. Not due to anything but the choice of colour he wore.

Imagine a man that looks like this
walking towards you. (For those who are unaware - this Australia's own Angry Anderson).

Now imagine this man dressed in lurid lime-green and white shorty shorts AND a lurid lime-green singlet top.

Now, he starts to talk to another man who I can only assume is his father. The tone? A very aggressive Baltic language sound emanating from his lips. His father (I think.....) was looking rather taken aback with what was being said. The father was not dressed in lime green. He was in a pair of blue long shorts and a reddish collared shirt. Much more subdued.

Finally I went into a shop and as I was waiting to be served, a woman and her son provided some tension filled relief. The kid was an absolute brat. Everyone around were looking at the mother with pity. You could see the thought cross her mind that a small slap would be beneficial.......it might have been at the same time as everyone else thought it. But then we all thought about that book "The Slap" and didn't want our ordinary lives portrayed in another book with amazingly violent language and a story which really doesn't go anywhere.........

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