Thursday, August 20, 2009

colour your thoughts

It has been an interesting few days or so in my world.

The most fascinating thing that has happened is discovering, without full diagnosis, that one of my students uses the thinking process Synesthesia.

I just love the idea that sound presents itself as colour......It is really amazing. This particular student thought everyone thought the same way and that because she had trouble developing a language to describe sound, she was 'dumb'. I explained to her that most people can see colour with sound - but it is not the first thing that appears........

For this girl it is the only thing that happens....

I asked her to describe how she saw the colour. Her description has me thinking a great deal.

Think about your vision.

Now think about your peripheral vision.

On the boundaries of that there is an explosion of colour which appears with sound. As the instruments change, so does the colour. If the instruments are played in a different way, so does the colour. Again, the colour changes according to the style of music.

But this is not a major colour change but rather a subtle change if the instruments are related, or the pitch range changes. Higher sounds gets a whiter input........

I am so amazed.

Now the challenge for us is to develop the word mix that goes with those changes. We are starting with the primary colours. As we create a vocab list for each of the elements then we will move to the next level of colour.

This girl is so excited. It is amazing.

I love my job as there are so many different things that occurs.


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Wow! Fascinating!

If they don't learn the way we teach, we must teach in the way that they learn.

Anonymous said...

That's quite amazing!

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Very, very kewl.