Friday, August 21, 2009

all the cats come out to play

This morning I got up late. Loved it!

Took some time to over cover the chocolate cake with icing sugar.....I mean it was nuts!

Realised I was running late - so I showered, changed and pampered on speed time. Packed my lunch - very, very small.....then went to lock up the house.

My cat was in on my bed looking a little stressed. I gave her a quick pat and went into the lounge, locked up and put on my boots. Looking at me over the top of my coffee table - Trevor the terrorist cat from next door. He looked very perplexed as I had cut of his escape route by locking the back door.

He went out the front door with a thud.

Why do I call him the terrorist? Well - He terrorises all the cats in the neighbourhood. My cat wont play with him at all.......and now his mates come here to play......He really is a bugger!

(I still laugh at his owners calling his name though - they have very thick Russian accents and Trevor with that accent is hilarious......)


Anonymous said...

Trevor the Terrorist--I love it! I once knew a cat named Frank, and I thought that was the cutest name ever.

Anonymous said...

Great name for a cat. It conjours up all types of images!

Vanessa said...

Sorry I'm so far behind on blogs. The cat though, I think they do these things to keep us on our toes.