Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ramble, ramble, ramble

  • massed singing rehearsal........600 kids. a number of teachers looking on at the entertainment. Me waving my hands in the air and actually getting a response from the 600 kids. 40 minutes at the beginning of the day and I am so tired now.....dead voice and tired arms!
  • making jackets for the choir - overlocker doesn't want to play with one tension! Now I am tense at the stupid loops that shouldn't be in some places.......gr gr gr!
  • had a rehearsal set up by kidlets for 8am today. Buggers didn't show! apparently it was a misunderstanding. Misunderstanding my derriere!
  • speaking of bottoms, my pilates for a stuffed back has led to me doing bottom squeezes whilst lying on the floor holding my pelvic floor in place. probably the funniest exercise I've done for a while. cat thinks it's good and promptly sits on my tummy.
  • been to movies twice in the last fortnight. my sisters keeper - GOD I HATE IT WHEN THEY CHANGE STORY LINES FROM THE BOOK! Other than that an ok movie. the ugly truth - laughed and laughed at very cheap jokes. Just what i needed on a friday night.
  • actually went to movies that night with a male (woo hoo! but not a date) who talked a lot about himself and asked no questions about me. Fair enough but I know I am much more interesting than an ant!
  • stopped reading "Salvation Creek" as found the story a little heavy for where I am right now.......moved onto the other book club book "44 Scotland Street". Laugh and laugh, then sleep!
  • cat got the sniffles - sneezes so might have to get her to the vet soon.
  • cleaner came today so house is so clean - except for that bit over there where I was sewing...
  • must admit I love rambling dot point format.......

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