Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a week in review

Last weekend I spent the weekend at a conference for music educators. Some of the stuff I heard was fantastic but one workshop was a complete waste of time......but you do get that.

The good stuff - I did a couple of workshops with a great Choir director and learnt a few things. I heard an amazing lecture from a band director about leading an ensemble - and how this applies to your teaching etc. But I did an amazing workshop with a regular teacher from the other side of Melbourne which focused on ways to teach improvisation. It was fab.

Whilst I gave up 90% of my weekend I did get to see the latest Harry Potter and enjoyed it by and large. There were things I raised an eyebrow to - but how do you cram all of a book into a movie anyway...

On Sunday I saw Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders which was okay, not brilliant, maybe it wasn't worth the amount that they charged......My personal feeling is that Dawn French is a much funnier comedian than Jennifer Saunders. Others may disagree with this and that's ok. I would've loved to have heard actual stand-up material.....there was a lot of scripted skits which were funny, but I would've liked to have heard some less scripted sounding ideas.

Since last week work has been hectic......my interns are getting there. One is very, very good and the other is earnest.......she will get better - I hope.


Anonymous said...

I had to give away our tickets to F&S, so I'm glad to hear it wasn't that great - I had an unexpected trip...

Laura Jane said...

I'm interested to hear that F&S weren't that crash hot. i agree with you about Dawn French, I think she's great. The price was pretty steep, but they sold out 6 shows here in Perth. I didn't go

And I loved the Harry movie, changes, cramming and all.

And I'm glad the conference was mostly positive