Sunday, July 26, 2009

time management

This week I have discovered the beauty of organisation. For those of you who already understand this, please bare with me.

Having two interns is, for the present time, incredibly time consuming. Every spare lesson I have I seem to be discussing classroom management, lesson structure, activities, and general health and well being.

My correction is WAY off kilter. I had this amazing idea that I would collect student written work early in the semester and have the work completed so that the run to the end of the year would be quite practical. Truth be told - this is an impossibility.

I have realised that I will leave a lot of the written work until the beginning of the next term. My classes for the time being will be more practical in nature where I can assess the students processing the work that is set. The written needs to be much later when some sort of routine returns to my world and I am not dealing with two young teachers.

This week I have also come home unbelievably I have now made a few meals up and popped them in the freezer so I can come home, re heat and relax.

I know that it will calm down over the term. Once the interns have relaxed a will need to relax a lot. I need to get the two of them to a stage where they feel confident that if they make a mistake that it is ok. You unpack what happened and then you rebuild. It is not worth having kittens over.

If I am not blogging a lot then I am rather exhausted. Also there is not a lot that I have to say. Actually there is another reason....

For some reason or other my blogging has reached a point where I am looking at it from the time management point of view and what I actually get out of it. I know a few people who say that it is a good thing for me to do - cathartic even. But I really am not putting a great deal of myself here - I don't mention people's names, dates etc so that means that I am rather restricted in what I say and how.

There is also the idea of who my audience is and, more to the point, do I have one. As I know some of the people who read this personally, I have restricted the way I write - one to protect them and two to protect myself. People may say 'stuff that' but can I really be bothered.....I have lots to say and I think I would prefer to say it out loud........

I will be here....but infrequently......

So now I am off to relax with friends before the craziness of the week ahead.


Laura Jane said...

I completely agree with your position.

I sometimes chastise myself for having so many blogs that I read, and the 'waste of time' it introduces into my often stretched commitments.

But I am getting better at pruning the list....if only I didn't CARE about the people who I have been 'interacting' with for nearly two years now. I don't always comment, but I read.

I only post when I have stuff to say, and , like you, there is much I don't and can't say.

You'll stay on my bloglist Widget, I'll read whenever you pop up.No pressure

Your reader friend X

Anonymous said...

Of course I know what you mean about questioning the intentions of the blog. I thought I wanted to give it up, and two weeks later (1 week spent on the road moving cross-country), I was back. I'm not sure why I post anymore and what I think my audience is getting out of it, but it's become as much a part of my routine as doing laundry. It just needs to be done. Ultimately, it's your routine, and you can do whatever you want with it :)

I'm still reading.