Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sleep time yet?

I have been back at work two days and I need another holiday.

I have two interns (slightly more experienced than a student teacher) with me this term.......one rang me on Sunday to tell me she was sick. She's been away two days now. What this meant for me was that I had to leave her classes something to do as this is something that she is unaware of what to do at this stage. (note to self - teach this immediately on Thursday when they are back.....)

Then today another teacher in my department was absent so I prepared his work for him too!

The front building has been knocked down and I teach at either end of that 'void'. I have a feeling I am going to lose a lot of weight walking between my classrooms. If I go out the front of the school it takes about 4 minutes to get from one end to the other. If I go through the carpark, round the toilets, through the corridor, across the quadrangle it takes closer to 7 minutes. I know which way I will be going - but then you have to make sure you don't get stopped by a big truck entering the site.

Monday is a relatively light day - only 3 on! Tuesday I have all 6 on! Today we had general assembly and we had a staff meeting after work. Now I am tired. Tomorrow I have 5 on and choir practice.....

It's 6.30 and I have been in my pyjamas for 45 minutes...........

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Laura Jane said...

AH yes, the 6pm and already in the jammies day.


Hope the trucks stay out of your way