Friday, June 5, 2009

sick #2

Day two of being home sick. I am mightily relaxed - probably for the first time in ages.

There is nothing I can do but sit and ponder the world. My mark books are at work until later today when one of my colleagues will drop them off. I contemplated going into work tomorrow to mark my students composition assignments on the school network but realise that I can probably break the back of my reports without having to mark them in such a rush.

If I get the bulk of my reports done - comments and 3/4 of the marks in - this weekend, then I can mark the rest of the work next week and pop those extras in.

Sitting here I realise how lucky I am. I am in a warm house, I can afford to see the doctor if needed and I have sick leave to call upon. I have been listening to world news and sometimes it pulls you back in from feeling sorry for yourself.

Yes, there are moments when I cough like there is no tomorrow and I have never known my sinuses to be so willing to off load their innards..........but this is nothing really.

This morning I had a chat with my mum and told her that I had croup. She laughed. How rude! She told me that only little children get that. I promised her that the doctor had said that there are many cases around at the moment and it is moving like nothing else. In amongst all of this she told me about how she and my dad would deal with croup in us when we were kids. I don't like the sound of it.

My father had this remedy he learnt from his grandmother - melted butter, lemon and honey. Lemon and honey - fine. Melted butter -urgh. I told mum that I would probably throw up with the melted butter......apparently that is the point. The lemon and honey cuts through the build up of phlegm and the butter makes you throw up.

Gotta love the old remedies. I'm sure there is a better solution.....inhalations seem to be working a charm.

In amongst this I set the styles exam that Scott mentioned and emailed it to him. I did try to mail the audio but the system didn't like the size of the audio file........

Finished knitting one scarf, another to go. Finish some socks and might make headway onto my cardigan from last year. All up quite relaxing. Wonder what shocking movie will be on today.......


Scott said...

I feel bad - your exam could wait! Especially given it was only for one kid! Feel better soon!

Vanessa said...

I feel bad for you because it seems you are always grading or correcting some type of paper or report. Hope you feel better soon.

River said...

Peppermint tea also helps the lungs expel the nasties.
Other good drinks are honey, lemon,and thyme with a little garlic, all in hot water; apple cider vinegar and honey in hot water.
Put some pure peppermint oil on a cottonwool ball onto a saucer beside your bed at night. The fumes will help you keep breathing overnight.