Tuesday, June 9, 2009

computer generated music

So I went back to work and boy did I work my but off today.

I can tell you this - I am SO OVER music assignments that use loop programs where the little blighters haven't lined up the beats......there is nothing like hearing a beat ricochet around your headphones while you are listening intently!

Then there is something that kids love about combining a heavy 2-thump bass with lilting Irish ditty and a string line that is in a totally different key. My ear-drums have never had such a beating. I listened to four classes worth.....that's 104 of the interesting concoctions.

I have 3 year 7 classes to listen yet......but they're not so bad. Something to do with the tighter control on the assignment. Year 7's - pick a style and show the basic processes involved in the computer program. There is some editing but not a great deal. It is more about an understanding of textural changes and demonstrating basic computer techniques.

When you get to year 8 you end up with a much more open-ended task. The kids need to show a greater deal of editing - as you would expect on recording programs - and have to show some development of their understanding of the elements of music......texture, pitch, rhythm, volume and tempo. These are the main ones we study at year 7 and 8 and develop them further as we move through the school.

I have listened to too many of these ill-defined soundtracks and need to concentrate on standard tracks now.

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Vanessa said...

1) I don't know how you handle so many classes.

2) The thumping would make me insane too.