Thursday, June 4, 2009


Home sick today.

Woke up and my head cold had taken a turn to the 'interesting'. Sinus headache.................can't breath properly.

That was at 5.45am and I had a shower to do an inhalation. Worked somewhat. Still couldn't breathe.

Made phone call to the answering machine that miraculously covers your lesson throughout the day. Then emailed my lessons to colleague at work so she could print out.....hope she did.

Went back to bed and slept for 3 hours - on top of my 8 hours the night before. Must be sick if I sleep that long.

Woke up, rang the doctor and struggled to get an appointment for this afternoon. Must be lots of sick people in the area today.

Now sitting on the couch. Thought of doing reports - but left my mark books at work. Hmmmm. I'll be fine for tomorrow - especially if I sleep more today.

Later the same day - been to the doctor. Yes there are lots of sick people in the area. Had to wait 40 minutes from scheduled appointment time. Apparently I have croup........lots of it going around! Off again tomorrow.


Bayjb said...

Oh no! Feel better. Get some rest and lots of soup.

Scott said...

Now I'm sad :( - get better soon! (I'm on day 4 of a regular cold...). BTW - do you have the yr 11 Music Styles exam?...

Vanessa said...

Tea with honey is my answer. Feel better soon.