Saturday, April 4, 2009


I'm on holidays! I am so relieved that I made it. This term has been CRAZY to say the least. The last few weeks I have been so busy that I didn't know if I was Arthur or Martha.

So this is what I have planned for my holidays.......
  • obligatory school work - teaching the number of kidlets that I do I decided that I need to plan my whole term during th holidays. I am planning on at least an hour a day. I'll see how I go.
  • sorting out the financial part of buying property - speaking of which I will need to run now and look at another one very soon.
  • getting my house sorted out - the study organised properly, cleaning through my clothes etc.
  • catching up with friends and family
  • hair appointment and other girly things
  • go away with a friend for the night - a girly night or two away.
so that's it so far - in amongst sleeping and resting, reading etc. I might even blog a few more times.


Vanessa said...

Hooray for holidays! sounds like you have an equal balance of catching up and fun stuff. Enjoy!

Bayjb said...

Yay for holiday! Sounds like good plans, just make sure work doesn't take up TOO much time ;)

LynneFtWorth said...

Wonderful that you get some holidays! It sounds like you deserve some. It also sounds like they are already full of things to do and fun to be had.