Sunday, March 29, 2009

ironing out the issues......

I have discovered that ironing is the best time to contemplate the world. Actually any housework is a great time to contemplate.

This morning I got up really early and I decided that I would finish the ironing pile. It took me 1.5 hours to finish that pile. Ok, the pile was full of 5 weeks worth of washing. Normally I wouldn't allow this amount to build up but time is an issue at the moment.

I had done an hour yesterday when I was watching "Lady Hamilton" and don't think I would've had the stamina to do close to 3 hours this morning.

During my 1.5 hours I planned what to do with a group of kids I teach who are a little naughty (show me a kid who isn't a little bit naughty!) but it is through disorganisation. I decided what I have to work out with them this week so that we are all back on track. Now to document it all.

Now I will go and vacuum and I might sort out the rest of the issues bugging me. Not one of them is huge but it is frustrating that they have managed to become central focus......grr.

Just so you know, I am feeling quite buoyant at the moment due to the fact that I am sorting it through........and I love the title I gave this. So Witty!


Anonymous said...

I spend all my time ironing thinking, "I really hate ironing." I think I work through my problems while driving. I have a somewhat long and monotonous drive to work three days a week, and I can plan out the classes activities and go over any troubles I have then.

Vanessa said...

Love the title too! I think sorting out the issues is a positive thing and doesn't have to mean you are "down." Sometimes it means you are, but it doesn't have to. Growth often hurts, but I would rather hurt a little and grow than stay stuck and never move through my life, becoming all I am meant to be. Glad you are taking the time to ponder, grow, sort out issues and still have a great outlook.

Bayjb said...

I am one of the few people I know who loves ironing because it does allow me to focus and have "control" over something. Love the title.