Tuesday, April 7, 2009

woo hoo

So it's Tuesday, week 1 of my holidays. So far I have done some impressive things.

Saturday - mooched on the couch. Loved that! Was going to go out but couldn't be bothered.

Sunday - met up with a group of people I have never been associated with before at a jazz performance. The music was ok. The company was mixed - some interesting people and a few I was scratching my head over. You get that in any crowd so I'm not complaining.

Monday - caught up with a friend I haven't seen for a while - in fact most of the term. Saw the osteopath and he crunched the bejeesus out of my back. I am a bit over my back at the moment. Sciatic pain is annoying to say the least. Night time saw me with another group of friends at dinner and then off to see Anjelique Kidjo. What an amazing performer.

Tuesday - I met the cleaner I have employed. Yes, I have decided to go with a cleaner. I am a bit over trying to clean my house when I am over exhausted. She came in and for two hours she cleaned, dusted and then vacuumed away. There is/was a lot of work to do and next week she will probably finish getting the basic stuff organised. Once that is done she will then maintain my house....Hooray! I then sorted out the study - or as it really should be called, the dumping room. We all have one and it gets out of control. At the moment I am discovering my desk! It's there but I just have to search it out. I will have it completely sorted out by tomorrow morning.

I have also done the ironing - well ahead of time for me. I have sorted out two kitchen shelves under the sink, cleaned out a drawer to put my teatowels in and then started on the pantry shelves. The shelves in my laundry have been sorted. Two loads of washing, including the net curtains that the cleaner took down and told me to wash (yes ma'am!) and a few bags of recycling done!

I am sorting out the books on the shelves and tomorrow or Thursday I will take them to the book exhange. I really don't want any books in exchange but I am seriously running out of book shelf space.

I have also decided to re arrange the lounge and the study but that is once I have sorted out the mess of the study.

Over the next few days I will get some shoe racks to keep my shoes on in my cupboard. I will also get some other bits and pieces to sort out the storage systems (or lack there of) around my house. Scott you will be impressed!

Other things I have done - made two scarves! Beautiful.

Painted my vision board. Great colour. Now to find the photos of what I am seeing in my future to attach to it.

Planning on going away this weekend - Easter - so I might have to sort out what to do with the kitty. 3 nights away should be great for the soul.

so now I am back to sorting out the sheet music - alphabetising it! CD's will be completed soon as well.


LynneFtWorth said...

It sounds like you have been working your fingers to the bone with wonderful results. You are doing what I need to do so maybe you will inspire me. I too need a vacation but don't have any time yet this year.

Have fun on you holiday, I will be having fun thru your blogs and wishing I could come to Austrailia and see all the pretty things you blog about.

I hope to be able to take some time this summer down at my parents B&B check out the link to my name.

Scott said...

I'm impressed. Any time you need to borrow my Label Maker just let me know!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're making me feel lazy! But I'm sure you're feeling great with sorting everything out. No pictures of the scarves? Did you knit them?

My word verification is "combo"

Vanessa said...

Hooray for cleaners and making scarves. I love the scarf you made me. It's not been cold enough to wear it often, but I adore it because it came from you. Thank you!