Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm not a fundamentalist

I am just back from my 'blob' holiday. I loved every minute of doing not much and love the idea that I am truly relaxed.

While I was away I read a book that I needed for one of my book clubs.

I WILL NOT mention the name of this book as it is one of THE worst books I have ever read. In 160+ pages I agreed with 1 1/2 sentences. It is unusual for me to feel so antsy about a book but this one pushed every button. Well done!

To put it succinctly it is one man's version on how people should live their life based on church teachings and quotes from the bible. What you end up with is quite strong rhetoric that smacks off far right thinking that you could not be blamed for confusing with the type of language that has been thrown about by other religion 'terrorists'. Just change the name of the god they talk about and you have exactly the same story.

A friend within the group did suggest that I might find the language a little challenging. The language was not a challenge. It was the fundamental belief that all should live according to this set of rules and if you don't then you will not live within gods love. hmmmmmm.

This book was suggested by someone in the book club and she is within her right to suggest anything but it has left me thinking that I might just have to plot my revenge. Do I offer a memoir of a woman who has lived as a prostitute and drug addict? What about a book about mental illness? I could throw in murder mysteries (both fiction and non-fiction).

If you have any interesting suggestions please comment. I would love to have something that is just a little bit of a challenge.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what her motivation was. Is this how she believes or is it just that she wanted to get a reaction from the book club members? Depending on which one, I might suggest a book that is not as much repulsive as it is challenging to the first book's ideas. The discussion could center on the difference between the two, which one seems more appealing and why, etc.

But if you do decide to go the all-out revenge route, Naked Lunch is the first book that comes to mind.

Joh said...

I haven't got a suggestion, but am looking forward to reading others!!

Good you are back, hope the holidays refuelled you!

Allie said...

I found you from Dancings blog, I have to say it but it is an American young adult book, but it swept our country like mad... Anywho its the Twlight series, I know you are thinking NO but if she recommeneded that book, a book about vampries and warewolfs(SP) is going to be a little far fetched. Oh there is a book that is coming out called it sucked and I cried, yeah its about post pardum depression, but the writer of it is hilarious! Anyway I hope you find one!