Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have been catching up on reading so many blogs. It has been great. I realised that I have become a lurker, which is a title that I can deal with quite happily.

My own blogging is less prolific. I am quite happy with this concept. I have made a decision that I will only blog when I feel that I have something to say. Most people do and their blogs are fascinating.

I felt, particularly in the last few weeks of last year, that I was writing in a very blah, blah, blah style. I'm not up for that anymore.

I also realised that I have encouraged many people in my world to read my blog and therefore left with the situation that many people 'know' what is going on in my world and make conversation next to impossible. Seeing I love the art of conversation I am now officially frustrated.

Here is what I have been thinking about in the past while. I am going to pick something that has been brewing in my head, world or whatever and then post on that. It will be a personal response to the 'issue' but I might not rant as much. (who am I trying to kid on the ranting!)

I have also been thinking of blog a week of significance and then a point form update......other days. Maybe.

This is a work in progress.

I'll keep you posted.ha ha ha (that was really funny - posted!!!!!! - you know blogging......meh!)


Vanessa said...

I say blog when it strikes you. The blog is for you, it's your outlet, do as you wish. We'll still be here no matter what, or at least I will!

Bayjb said...

As long as you're happy with your blog, that's all that matters. I like it just as it is. And you're welcome to lurk near me any time.

Laura Jane said...

Yep, blogging is sometimes secondary.

Although other times, one just KNOWS there is a great blog post gonna come of an experience.

blog when you wnat to - I'll read it!

Anonymous said...

I know my own blog has changed over the years. I had more to say, but it was always about everyday things. Now, each day doesn't present something to me like it used to, so I'm more choosey. I've become more political and I like to rant--but you know that already.

Off and on, throughout my blog's life, I've done a weekly post on a particular topic. I had Thursday Thirteen (thirteen random facts) and TMI Tuesday. I was thinking of having a "Thankful Thursday" to write about something I'm thankful for, but I haven't started it yet because I forget to post on Thursdays. I sometimes peruse for ideas.

Scott said...

Yes - the whole conversation things is odd isn't it? It ends up becoming a series of knowing nods and smirks...