Tuesday, January 13, 2009

off again

I dropped the cat off for her next 'holiday'. She was rather quiet on the way to her resort. I am sure she will counter that with the return trip.

This afternoon - after the heat has predominantly gone - I will head off to Ocean Grove which is about 2 hours from my place, including city traffic. I will be there for a week with other friends dropping in and out. I think there might be one night when no one is dropping in. I have no problems with this. I have books to read and I might attempt to do some work - not sure of the chances.

My wine arrived last Friday and it has taken me until about now to unpack the boxes. The first box I unpacked was the one I got for my sister. I love the idea that you have no inkling of what is in which box and you stumble across the right thing straight away.

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