Friday, December 5, 2008


I am a snob. It is official - well in my world......

I have been mixing with a few people in the last few days and there really are some DUMB people out there. Lovely souls but some who really find some things hard to understand.

I have been out to dinner and mixed with a few people who struggle with phone numbers - you send them a text and they don't recognise the idea of country zone numbers at the front therefore are not sure how to respond to your text.

I went shopping and discovered people who really shouldn't be allowed out in public. Some of these people are parents!

Now I am watching a television show where people are in love with inanimate objects. In particular buildings! WTF!

I think I live in a very narrow world of normality. Now I know there are those who find me odd but i think I am quite normal.

any thoughts on normality and people out there just let me know.


CelticBuffy said...

I don't think there is a good definition of normality anymore. Most people tend to be ignorant, rude, weird, or a combination of the above. The weird ones tend to be more interesting, I think. I know that I don't follow the beaten path and prefer to find people who are a little offbeat.

Vanessa said...

I've always said normal is just a setting on the washing machine. I'm like CelticBuffy in that I like interesting people, preferably well educated who talk about ideas, thoughts and places. Not people, what they wear and gossip.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone's crazy in their own special way. Everyone thinks they're the only one who is normal, but of course that can't be true.

I realize our sense of "normality" or any judgement we make about people is based on the little slices we see of them. When I call my insurance company, for example, the people on the phone must assume that I'm a raging bitch. Of course I'm not, but how would they know that? There are plenty of stupid things I see happening, and I have to assume the people doing them are stupid, but I'm only seeing a slice.

widget said...

thanks guys. I love the idea of normality being a state of mind. It's just unfortunate that I spent a little time with a few who are more 'special' than normal.

I too, like you CelticBuffy and Vanessa, like interesting people but I also like to be able to run a conversation without having to explain myself.

I like those who stray from the beaten track as they seek out something different in this world. Kitkat - you're right perceptions can be wrong when you don't really know the situation.

I think I should've said intelligence and not normality.....