Thursday, December 4, 2008

another day

  • Hour walk on the beach. Sublime
  • osteopathic appointment (20 crunches on the left, 30 on the right divided amongst the neck, middle back and lower back evenly). I am now tired.
  • looked at the housework - banned for the day by the osteopath. Damn shame.
  • cooked lunch for friend round corner. Yummo!
  • dealt with trevor the terrorist cat! (shocking name I know but he is a ratbag and a half to my cat! he comes over the fence with his bell a ringing and then mews at her. She goes outside and he attacks her! He has been neutered, I think, and is a complete dweeb)
  • looked up natural cat repellents - amazing what you can do with vinegar, pepper, soap etc. throw in a little orange essential oil and you might be onto something......
  • wrote my shopping lists
  • wrote my Christmas card lists.
  • organised dinner for a few more nights
  • knitted for looks stunning
  • washing
  • collapsed on the couch
  • ripped a few more cds for my ipod
  • ironed the material for the back of my quilt then emailed frogdancer about the cutting out bit.
I think that is it! I am weary now. tonight might be an early one. it's amazing when you STOP completely (ha ha ha - looking at my list!) you get tired!

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Vanessa said...

Thank you so much, I can't wait to see it! YAY!