Tuesday, November 4, 2008

learning never stops

Cup day today in Melbourne. Reserve Bank had a .75 cut in interest rates. America votes for new president overnight our time.

It's an eventful day all up.

I went to a friends house were a group of us sat around and nattered away. A good day all up.

Learnt something today. I need to shut up sometimes. I didn't say anything really but my actions did stop another conversation taking place that needed to take place. For that I am sorry.

I like learning things. I just hate the way I have to learn things. I bash my head against the wall to realise that the wall is solid and it will hurt my head. Sometimes it would be good to learn by observation...

On another completely different note --- we had a sweep at the party for the cup. Now I know that I said I didn't gamble when I was at work on Friday.....but I entered the sweep. As luck would have it, my horse came in 2nd. I made some money out of it. I don't do this often but today I let my guard down.

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River said...

We all need to shut up sometimes. Of course some of us (me)overdo it and have to be reminded to say something, anything.......