Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm in awe

I am sitting in my lounge listening to the speeches from America. I am jealous that I am not there at Obama's rally as I feel as if this is one of those moments that is a time in history that you will remember where you were......

One of the big differences between the American democracy and the Australian experience is, not the way we have to vote but, the great use of the English language you hear in American system. I am always amazed with the emotive and poetic use of language in American speeches. Why is there such a difference? We do have and have had great orators but nothing, as I can recall, to the level of the Americans. (At this moment in time I have the 'great' speech of the then Prime Minister Bob Hawke after Australia II won the America's Cup and stated "Any boss who sacks someone for taking a sicky today is a bum!" - Nothing like that for great rhetoric!)

Both McCain's speech conceding defeat and Obama's speech taking victory were amazing.

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