Thursday, November 6, 2008

a new craft shop

I love a good craft shop. I especially love it when I find that they are having a sale.

One craft shop has opened just near my singing teachers house. This is dangerous.....

I spent 25 minutes in the shop in the opening sale....feathers, glitter, paper, crochet hook, glue....there was so much more I could play with but I restrained.

While wandering around I noticed so many people who had never been in a craft shop. Open mouths, eyes moving from one shelf to another and they were touching everything......It was funny. One man was with his girlfriend. Every time she picked up something she would say this is great, he would ask her why they would want it! She had no answers.


Anonymous said...

I think that about sums up a craft store all right--it's great stuff, but it doesn't exactly serve any basic survival functions.

I want to start knitting soon. My friend told me about a how-to-knit class being offered next month, and I think I might have to go. I really have no idea how to start.

Anonymous said...

I love craft shops, but am as crafty as a lawnmower. But the seduction of possibility... Mmmmmm