Sunday, November 2, 2008

changing the diet - or buying new clothes

I am enjoying my long weekend immensely. If anyone asks me what I did "nothing" comes to mind fairly quickly.

Today I will take myself shopping for a few more tops. I have squeezed into a few tops lately - I have put on a few extra mightily peeved with myself but I am working on removing said extra kilos.

(I realised that a diet that has a high amount of chocolate, chips, dips etc is not really good for the waist line although the quick sugar rush was they're almost gone from the diet and been replaced with fruit and vegies.)

I might even take myself into the city area to catch up with a few people.....maybe.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how fast the kilos creep on, but looooong they take to go away! Retail therapy is a great cure :) And everything new fits!

Vanessa said...

The extra weight sneaks on easily. Perhaps my time spent "couch camping" has something to do with it? Have fun shopping!

Anonymous said...

Halloween candy is catching up to me too. It's always best to dress the body you've got and worry about the weight later. If not, you'll just hate how you look "squeezing" into something. Still, I'd like to lose a few lbs. before I see family & friends at Christmas.