Saturday, November 1, 2008

the long weekend

It's the long weekend - well at least for me and a few lucky others who are taking Monday off before the 'Race that stops a nation' on Tuesday. (Melbourne Cup day)

Next year we wont get this day off. Note to self - enjoy the weekend and do lots of stuff......

On Friday we had a morning tea to recognise all teachers in Victoria. As a consequence I had fruit for lunch.....In amongst all this they ran the sweep for the Melbourne Cup. I have made a pledge this year that I am not going to throw money at these sort of things. I haven't taken part in the footy tipping (really 'missed' that!) and now I haven't bothered with the cup.

The male my desk is next to asked me (in the same way that he asks about anything - tone implies arrogance) if I was taking part in the sweep. I replied "no, I'm not into gambling anymore." [you might remember this strange man from the horoscopes post this week.]

His glib reply "so how do you get out of bed everyday?"

I gave him one of most withering looks but remembered that he doesn't understand facial expressions or body language, so switched it off to conserve my energy.

Having received no reply from me he concluded that I didn't understand his comment and decided to explain it so that I would. I replied with a noncommittal "hmm" which was enough encouragement for him to go further.

I picked up my stuff and left for class. He continued talking.


Frogdancer said...

He is SO giving me the shits.

Vanessa said...

Perhaps an appropriate response would have been "the same way I manage not to strangle YOU every day" What a jerk!

widget said...

Lol! Vanaessa! I could imagine the look on his face if I HAD said that.

who needs bran when you sit next to a man like that frogdancer.