Sunday, October 12, 2008

Australian music

It's a beautiful day here but the temperature is very warm. 29 C is what they told us we would get to. That's rather hot for an October day. I would expect that late November early December and then again late February.

I'm sitting on my new couch and loving it. I've had an argument with the cat already about which bit of furniture is her scratching post. She is of the thinking that the new furniture is hers for the scratching. I have told her "no" quite emphatically. I am using a herbal dog/cat training repellent on the new stuff to get her away from scratching. I just have to break the habit of almost a decade. Good luck to me.

I spent most of the morning finishing a presentation I have been asked to do for the German exchange students about Australian music. I had a presentation I put together 2 years ago but then I trashed it. What was I thinking? The new slide show is a good 75 slides long. I have a little bit of Australian orchestral, country and jazz and then HEAPS on rock/pop.

I found it really difficult to cut down the number of artists to include.....there are so many that they should be told about. I have mentioned the usual suspects: Kylie, ACDC, Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel and INXS. I have mentioned newer artists like Gabriella Cilmi, Sam Sparro, The Waifs, Xavier Rudd etc. I have covered hip hop, punk, dance, electronica, funk, metal and trance. I am pretty happy with it.

I know I have missed a lot but I spent so much time attaching a song to each picture of each artist. There are 3 artists I have to go and source music for. The Saints, Troy Cassar-Daly and the Warumpi Band. None of the music I have would attach.

While I am out I will find out how/what I need to attach the settop box to the sound system as well as the dvd player.

One stop shopping. Love it!

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Laura Jane said...

May I suggest the inclusion of the Cat Empire? Essential Aussie band whose music I just LOVE! And Bernard Fanning's stuff.

'Hello Hello' was used in 'Beverley Hills Chihuahua'. SHould I be embarassed that I saw it? And that i enjoyed it, and the music? especially the Cat Empire piece.

I'm glad your new sofa is great. Good luck with the cat thing - a water bottle spray gun (like the hairdressers use to wet your hair) - +/- some lemon juice to deter the moggy should do the trick. Be ruthless and get him EVERY time. He'll get the message.

couch photo please.