Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday night recitals

I am sitting in the office at work - we have recitals tonight. There are 12 kids performing tonight and 22 performing tomorrow night.


Somehow I think that we got that wrong. It would be better if we had about 18 each night. That way I wont freak out when I am marking them tomorrow night. Tonight I have hardly any assessment to do - it's all the head of department class who are performing. I have two kids who are up.

At the same time we have transition information for year 8 to 9. Head of department is meant to be available for that to do the chatting to the kidlets and their parents about music and options for next year. As he is assessing I will be there in his absence and he will mark my kids who perform tonight. I just get asked the strange questions.....I'm sure I will cope.

I was wandering the school aimlessly. Well, actually it wasn't aimless at all, I was trying to avoid the ever growing pile of correction on my desk. As I wandered past one of the admin offices I was growled at about who was going to be on duty to answer the questions. I have discovered that we have thrown the admin a curve ball by scheduling our kids performances tonight.

Note to self. Check the lists carefully to make sure you don't double book when other events are on! Make sure the recitals are on the list in the first place!

So I have had a nutritious dinner from a box - you know the heat and eat variety. Don't have them that often so I am always pleasantly surprised when I get something that tastes relatively good. I haven't had a glass of wine - although I really would love one.

My Australian Music powerpoint extravaganza has been reduced a little. I decided to show the person organising the exchange kidlets the thing and he suggested to reduce a little. I have to say I agree.

I was in a enthusiastic frame of mind and I asked him if he would like to do this as a peer mentor session for my Professional Development thingy.....(see Mr Abode, I am working). He has freaked me out somewhat. He suggested that I look at what unusual verbs and adjectives I might use in the presentation and find a few ways of expressing. My thoughts "HUH?".

Tomorrow I might have to actually write up my presentation so that I have an idea of where, when and what I am talking about. No freelancing for this chicken. I feel like I am under observation again as an Undergraduate.......and for a subject I know very little about.

I might have a look up about verbs and adjectives - just so I am fine with what I am going to say..........he he he.

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