Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My first blogmeet

I've had a lovely couple of days since I last blogged. I haven't really had a sleep in yet but I'm working towards that. If you think that I get up at 6 - 6.30 each and every morning then 7.30 is a sleep in.

Friday night I went out with a group of people I had never met before. It was an entertaining night. This social group is different from the other that I belong to. I was the youngest by about 10 years which was interesting. The people are lovely and they were a lot of fun. I probably will go off with them again - they said they young ones there as well.

Saturday I did very little - lovely.

Sunday booked my trip to Margaret River. Lovely.

Monday - Purchased more furniture which I have to put together now. A low line tv unit and a matching display cabinet. All I need now is the surround sound system and I will be very happy.

The more important thing happened was that I went to my first blog meet. Frogdancer and I went to the airport to meet Laura. I am so pleased that Melbourne turned on the weather. It rained so hard as we drove there - I have never concentrated so hard as I drove.

I had such a lovely time but it is surreal meeting someone that you know from what they write about themselves.

As both these lovely ladies stated there is no need for "what do you do?" or "Where do you live?" or even "Are you married? Do you have children?" You know these answers already.

I think one of the best things for me was taking photos of the two ladies looking at the quilt that Frogdancer made using material that Laura so lovingly provided. These two ladies have a great deal in common - both are very generous with their time and both are quite crafty.

I arrived empty handed - or as we say in my family 'gorilla armed'. Frogdancer had beautiful presents - which I would love to tell you about but can't as these are the special gifts she has made for her surprise give away. Laura had a couple of bracelets and a beautiful broach. I was a little overwhelmed at the generosity of both of them.

I enjoyed my first blogmeet - something I would love to do again.

We took lots of photos but that is quite hard to achieve when you have decided to go into anonymity. We worked it out though. Check both their blogs to see the photos.........

Now to my massage.


scottsabode said...

Yes - that Frogdancer's very crafty isn't she? I know what you meant but I LOL'd at the alternate meaning! Enjoy your massage!

Joh said...

Glad to hear you are soaking up the holidays...me too! A massage is the perfect thing... enjoy

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your blog meet went well. I've only met one person whom I knew first through blogging. He and I had mutual friends beforehand, though, so it wasn't like meeting a total stranger.

If I'm ever in Australia, I'll have to look you up.

Frogdancer said...

I've found the perfect place for you top go...


I think you'd love it!! Pity it's in Canada.

Vanessa said...

Hooray for a Blogger Meetup! I've been trying to organize one here in Dallas forever. And the massage? Go you! How was it? Fantastic? A un-blogged about fact? I started massage therapy school on Monday and LOVE it!

Laura Jane said...

The photos are up!

And I will be sending fabric to match your quilt for inclusion (only if you want!)