Wednesday, September 24, 2008

an update

I'm currently sitting in the office at work 'supervising' my final year student complete one of his school assessed assignments.  We got the times wrong between us and he turned up half an hour earlier than I thought we had agreed on.

He's a bit like that.  Always slightly misinterprets what I have intended.  Makes for interesting teaching when you have a student that takes the path slightly less traveled, particularly when he is the only one doing the subject and the only voice of reason might be your own.  There are those moments when you think that YOU are the one going a little crazy.

I have made sure he is prepared to do this work this time round.  Last semester when he attempted to do the work we went on a merry goose chase.  It was fun - in a macabre sort of way.  When you have to cross mark with teachers and their students from other schools it makes for interesting conversation.  Some of the comments that he has written and the language he has used has raised more than one eyebrow.  He is a very bright boy but don't give him the opportunity to develop his own train of thought.  Rocky roads lie ahead.  

I wish I had taught him last year.  He thought that it would be easy to pick up this subject this year without prior knowledge.  That would be equivalent to attempting English Literature without ever reading a book.  But if I had taught him last year he would have the language and I would know how he scoots of on the path less traveled and could have brow beaten him into submission......insert evil laugh here!

On other news, spent the night in Warragul with friends and it was really great.

My massage was fabulous although I didn't sleep too well has the muscles were in a high state of flux.  Tonight should be a good night for sleeping.

Purchased a tv unit and a cabinet.  Need to put them together and I will get my new stereo system very soon.  Cant wait to get home to actually play with my new furniture.  HURRY UP AND WRITE BOY!

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