Friday, September 19, 2008

i'm there

I have attempted to write this post numerous times today.

First time the internet surrounding blogger would not talk nicely to my computer. As a result my computer refused to work with my post. It talked to every other site I went to.

The second time I didn't have enough battery on my laptop and the computer just quietly went to sleep and I had to wait until I got home.

Obviously, according to my computer, I had to think about my post a little longer.

So I made it through the last day of term. This has been one LONG term. It was the same length as last term but just seemed longer.

During this term I acted as the head of department for 4 weeks, I prepared 600+ kids to sing together, suffered a number of colds, had 3 parent teacher interviews and LOTS of correction. I am ready for a sleep in. I am ready for a night of no correction, no performances and no preparation.

My holidays will be something like this.
- Sleep in,
- reading,
- sewing,
- music practice,
- catching up with friends,
- catching up with family,
- doing my tax return,
- rearranging my lounge room,
- pricing and purchasing more furniture,
- working with my final year student,
- some knitting,
- going to the cinema,
- going out for dinner,
- the theatre,
- live music,
- relaxing,
- lots of walks,
- sorting out the summer holidays,
- blobbing
- pajama day
- and meeting laura.

sounds busy and fun.


Kelley said...

Sounds blissful! These school holidays will involve me going to work 2 hours earlier, to get home at noon to spend the day with the kids yelling and screaming at me... roll on next term! LOL

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for my own summer break even though I've only been back for a few weeks :)

Hooray for knitting. I'll be joining you in that one day.

scottsabode said...

Holiday lists are great aren't they? Blobbing sounds good!

Anonymous said...

My last post was almost a replica of yours. Enjoy your break, I know I will.