Saturday, August 9, 2008

pretty fly marching

Last year when I was in Malaysia I read a newspaper report about the marching band competitions.

I take an 80 piece band of beginners - we are lucky to just sit in the right places. Forget marching. The marching band thing is also quite an interesting thought from the point of view that you have musicians playing and then going into formations....... It is amazing to watch but an absolute nightmare to coordinate.

In Australia it is not something that is undertaken with any flair. It is along the same sort of lines as cheer leading etc. Australians in the crowd are known more for the lack of coordinated effort then anything else - but this is a whole other topic.

What I wanted to find out was how busy the guys who won the regional marching band competition were when performing. The report said they practised 6 hours a day since November (we were in July)! Apparently they were running etc from place to place to Pretty Fly for a White Guy. This alone had me in hysterics.

Finally I found a there is a close up of TUBA players - not sousaphone as I would expect but TUBAs. The most awkward instrument to play and dance with.

Enjoy - notice the RUNNING WHILE PLAYING!!!!! And it sounds pretty good too! I am in awe - these are high school kids.

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Anonymous said...

All that work and they couldn't spring for a few sousaphones?

I have a bit of a resentment toward marching bands. When I was in junior high band, we had to march just once a year in a parade--just marching. It was fine. In high school, in order to be in band at all, I had to be in the marching band. They practiced all day long for several weeks in the summer before school started. Then they played at football games, etc. I wanted no part in that, so I had to quit band altogether. I still upset about it.