Friday, August 8, 2008

catch up

I went shopping last night - by accident. I didn't buy much - I spent about 1 1/2 hours in Borders and most of that time was around the music book section. Music books, when imported to Australia, are VERY expensive. It frustrates me! I purchased a book called "new woman jazz". What is a new woman? Are they meaning it in the sense of New Age? I assume not.

After spending all that time in Borders I quickly moved over to the travel agency. I have decided that I want to spend a little bit of time in New Zealand - particularly Milford Sound. I have been there previously but I didn't get to Milford Sound. I have always been fascinated when I look at pictures of the area and I would love to spend some time there. I am a little disappointed by the fact that there is only an overnight cruise that I have found out about. I was hoping for a longer voyage than that..... I will keep investigating.

I went to my singing teacher and sang something new from my new book. I was a little frustrated as I think he played the piece faster than it should be - and I couldn't keep up! Oh well.

Once home, I cooked dinner by the light of my neighbours flood lights. Then I watched 'The Party' - a Peter Sellers classic, which I think I will get the year 11s to watch today. This is again to do with the Music in Film component. Henry Mancini wrote the music for The Party so that gives us a starting point. The music is not that vital in the telling of the story -but it does set the time in history for us. Very 1960s.

Next week I am taking the kids on an excursion - to the circus! Well it is the mid semester performance of the University circus school. I am going sight unseen and I hope that music is being used in it! Otherwise it should be a good night.


Anonymous said...

I like the shopping by accident. Oops--how did I end up in Borders? While I might use that for an excuse, it's never true. Today at least I went shopping for a good cause. I bought school supplies and donated them :)

Perhaps the "new woman" jazz is meant to be distinguished from "old woman" jazz, which doesn't sound very appealing at all.

Anonymous said...

I love book shops, I could spend hours in one without any concept of time. Best shopping experience I know.

Isabelle said...

My boy and his girl went to Milford Sound a few months ago. They said it was very big and impressive. And wet.

You could easily pop over from there to catsit our cats, couldn't you?

Actually, I have a catsitter now. A fellow blogger from a LONG way away. Isn't life amazing?

Vanessa said...

Speaking of books, I received an update and yours should arrive by Sept 13. WOW that's a long time!