Sunday, August 10, 2008


On Friday night I had a sleep - which was quite by accident - and was awoken at 9.50pm as I was meant to be on the other side of Melbourne watching the opening of the Olympics. In my hazy state I said I would leave then. (WTF?) I drove 55 mins to the other side of Melbourne - missing all of the good bits of the opening ceremony but listening to it on the radio. I might just say it is NOT THE SAME!

When I got to the house they were all in the dark watching a projection on the wall - a good 90inches!!!!! I got to see the Parade of Athletes. Wow! We made random comments about outfits, lack of unified dancing with the girls on the edge of the circle etc. We felt that we could make these comments as we had all been in the closing ceremony of the 2006 Commonwealth games together. (Our precision was almost to the military standard of the whole Beijing thing......)

This is the section we were involved in. If you look carefully you might see me.....if you know what I look like! I will tell you I am not in red/pink! (you will need a magnifying glass and an amazing imagination to find me. - I am carrying a white illuminated orb and I am in front of the guy with a really bad blonde die with his hair, bottom left

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I left at 2.15 am, listening to talk back and laughing at the comments about the Australian uniform. I was thinking to myself "did you see the some of the other countries?" Sure we could have had a better outfit but we went with something very casual and not green and gold. Some other countries could/should have done the same.

That's about all I will mention about the games as I am 1) not interested in the sports, and 2) I have political opinions that vary from the government hosting country about a Buddhist nation........(actually I am pleased that I have not been requested to teach about them!)

I got home at 3.15 and was asleep, I think, by 3.30. The cat woke me at 9am and would not leave me alone. She was desperate for food and to get outside.........It was a relatively early night last night after going out for dinner. I was in bed by 11.30!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad my husband and I aren't the only ones making our own commentary about the outfits and everything. We call it giving it the Mystery Science Theater treatment.

I hate when I fall asleep accidentally at night. It completely messes me up.

Anonymous said...

Gosh that must have been exciting at the time, (Your own olympics, I mean). We do the comment thing too. I shall be shot for saying this, but I think green and yellow - and let's face it, it's yellow folks, not gold - suck, we should wear blue and red or white, the colours of our flag. or something that's not as dorky as yellow and lime green. Right I will get along now, and await the stoning.... :)