Thursday, July 17, 2008

off the soup.

I had to stop the eating plan tonight. There is one issue I have discovered in the last few days is that you can't miss a meal.....Yesterday I had only half my lunch and then today I didn't even have time to eat any lunch.

Massive headache after missing lunch so I decided that I needed to have something substantial. I made fried brown rice with mushrooms and zucchini and corn. It was really yummy. I had more fruit for dessert and I feel so much better.

Why did I miss a few meals - well it is to do with there not being enough hours in the day and I am in the head of department position for the first few weeks of the term.

OMG it is a busy little department - well not little, we are fairly large. We are taking in AMEB entrance forms at the moment and there is a camp starting on Sunday for the Stage Band and wind quintet. At the start of a semester there is the change of teacher, groups and finding out new timetable routine. It has been entertaining and I am now quite tired - what with the change in workload and the soup.

Enough work.

Neighbours Update - they are out in their crazy built extension everynight having a few drinks and watching a bit of LOUD telly. Well tonight they were using the power saw to chop up wood for their fire, for a good half hour 7- 7.30. What a bunch of tossers....(wankers for those not up with the term!)


Frogdancer said...

I'm about to start with the soup again. (Coward!!!!) I've been given a set of scales (bathroom, not a reptilian skin covering) so I'm all set.

Anonymous said...

You have my old neighbours, and I hope they move away from you, too. Glad you feel better. Headaches at work: Not much fun.