Wednesday, July 16, 2008

bottoms up

I had to pick up a couple of books and CDs for the year 12 kid that I am teaching this afternoon. What I picked up were past distance education stuff so I will have a lot of my planning sorted out already. I have just one student in this particular subject while there are 6 year 11s in the room as well so it becomes a tad crazy. The thing with distance ed stuff is that you can get them going on it and they should be self sufficient.....

Anyway, on my way home I was taking note of male fashions. Or maybe that should be lack of male fashions. There are so many older males who think that it is a great thing to wear their pants really low like the teenage boys do. On older men it looks stupid!

As I pulled up to a railway station near where I live, a bloke jumped out of the car he was in and crossed over the road. He literally had no bottom, his pants were that low. This man looked as though he was near 50 and really should know better.

If I see a larger man with the low-slung pant look I generally think "get bigger pants so they sit higher". There are plenty of shops around that target the larger-sized man so they should frequent those places and stop trying to fit into the pants they wore years ago. I can't stand the crotch of pants hanging somewhere between the hip and knee. I am not looking for cute, trim bottoms (well maybe I am....) on every man. I just want to know that all men have bottoms.......

This may sound harsh but I am over the no-bottom look.

Men - Lift up your pants! Please!

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