Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Can I have fries with that?

I started the soup diet that Frogdancer went on a few weeks ago. Now I know what she meant about irritation - I want anything that is not soup and has carbohydrates in it.




Cheese would be good too!

I am surprised that I am not craving sweet things. I thought that I would.

Tonight I can have a potato for dinner with butter (?) but I will have lots of lettuce, raw tomato and some carrot with it. I might even splurge for some pumpkin! That is after I have had a bowl of soup. (urgh! - ONLY after 3 serves of it. They were very big bowls.)

Now I know that there are those that would be reading this that might be a little concerned about my dietary habits and having a balanced diet. I am eating lots of vegies and fruit. At the moment I have not had any carbs or protein.

Why am I doing this?

Well through the report writing times and crazy concert/recital times I ate lots of cakes, biscuits (sweet and savoury), chocolate and indulged in too much wine, full cream hot chocolates and sweet coffee. I also had lots of take-away food but I did try to be healthy (stir fries, noodles etc). This has continued on during the holidays. I indulged to my hearts content.

Now that I am back at work I thought that it would be a good time to cleanse the body of its cravings for all of the above mentioned stuff. (cant write them down again - I just want to eat them instead!) Then I will re establish my healthy eating plan that I have. It's all about balance but I wanted a fast result to the cravings etc. It's also a bonus that I might lose a few kgs this week but that was never my primary focus.

I'll just let you know what the eating plan is for the next few days....tomorrow (day 3) is fruit and vegie day. Day four I can have BANANAS and milk. (I am very excited about that!) Day five I have steak and tomatoes. Day six - More beef and vegies (I'm thinking stirfry!!!!!!!!) Then finally day Seven - BROWN RICE (oh the carbs!) fruit juice and vegies.

You have to eat the soup all the time as well. The soup is made up of carrots, tomatoes, beans, peppers and celery. It's quite nice but I am over it! (5 more days of soup, glorious soup).

Have I mentioned the soup enough? Do you have an understanding of my position? I'm not hungry - I just want carbs and NO SOUP!


Frogdancer said...

'Can't write them down, just want to eat them instead."

I know that pain. And in two days I will feel that pain again....
You are not alone.

Laura Jane said...

Aaack, I love soup, but not the same soup every day!

I have a sense of deja-vu about this week of strictness. Oh dear.

I have awarded you a Brillante [sic] blog thingy - please stop by and collect the logo and rules and stuff....there's always a price!

Roll on Sept 22!

Anonymous said...

Oh I feel your pain, and the cause.. I was going to get my act together and hit the healthy high road this week too. But 2 days of playground duty in the rain saw me scurry for the kitkats. I have no willpower.

widget said...

I have got through another day...Willpower is bloody hard when you are on canteen duty at recess but I made it!

Thanks for support.....