Friday, July 18, 2008

Thank god its friday.

Friday night couldn't have come soon enough. I am a bit stuffed after the week that has been. Alarm clock is switched off and I am ready for a sleep in.

In amongst the standard domestic goddess stuff that I have to do I will correct lots of work, plan for the upcoming week and I will knit some more. I will have dinner with some good friends tomorrow night and I might even get out and about on Sunday - maybe to a market somewhere. I might want to go and look at some new clothes!

Not much else to say really. Cold weather, cat asleep on my knee and even some knitting underway! Only downside is the silly shows on television. I haven't spent a Friday night home for a while and have not ever really known how uninteresting tv is......I won't be up that long.

Read back and think that I sound like a sad sack.....I'm not, just tired..... Night.

Just came back after a few minutes and realise that I am seeing Mama Mia on Sunday after I have gone off to a meet - up over coffee. Should be fun......

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Frogdancer said...

Get up out of bed and come over and collect an award. Congratulations.