Monday, July 28, 2008


I tried posting the blog below last night. Didn't happen! Who knows why. Thanks to the program just automatically saving my work as a draft. Yay!

It is now 9.30 Tuesday 29th July - for those interested.

I made a decision that I wasn't going to blog until I had finished my year 8 correction.

Ta da! All done! - Well until the next form group comes in at the end of this week! I have one student who plagarised really badly!

So I am over talking about school......

I went to a friend's 40th on Saturday and another of her friends provided everyone with "bubbles" that you can create from the tiniest of champagne bottles. Tonight to distract myself from some of the least interesting assignments I have read (note to self, re write the bloody thing!), I played with the cat with the bubbles. She freaked out like nothing else. I blew out a few bubbles and she ran to the other side of the unit. Once she came back I did it again and off she scampered. It kept me entertained for a little while. She's now exhausted and is sleeping soundly on the couch.

I am now off to sleep myself and probably dream about the taste that my students seem to be lacking in music!

I didn't dream about my students you will be pleased to know!


Anonymous said...

You need to share more about this bubble thing, widget. Enquiring minds, like mine, want toknow!

Vanessa said...

I too would like to see the bubbles! Also, congrats on getting your correction done!